a training course on

Digital Marketing

for Business

Digital Marketing

for Business

Most courses are designed to help students get accredited, further their career, and get a diploma.

We focus on business owners, and non-marketing professionals. These pragmatic courses will help you understand how digital marketing can make a direct impact to your business.

We show you how to open paid advertising accounts, the ins and outs of analytical tools, what to think about when managing your website, what plugins to use and much more.

At times I didn't have a clue what he was talking about, but he went back again and again, broke it down, and pushed me through it. Didn't realise there was so much to it.

Business Owner, Fashion Retailer

I booked this because it was the only course I found that focused more on using digital marketing in business than in giving me a certificate at the end of it

Business Owner, HR Company

I have never come across anyone like Francis before. His ability to think strategically in the digital environment, and be able to break this down into bitesize sessions is extraordinary.

MD, Recruitment Company

Knows what he is talking about. Built my site, manages my marketing, and has taught me what the hell he is talking about. Worth every euro.

MD, Online Retailer

I didn't need a diploma, i needed to know what was going on. Very easy to listen to and follow and always available for advice afterwards. Great course.

Business Owner, Online Travel Agent


Dublin City Centre. €720 for 9 weeks.

that is the equivalent of €80 per session


Wednesday 09:30 to 12:00

next start date: Weds, 04 October 2017


Evenings 18:00 to 20:30

next start date: Thurs, 05 October 2017


Saturday 09:30 to 12:00

next start date: Sat, 07 October 2017

  • WEEK 1

    Breaking the Ice

    Before we start looking at the tools available to us we delve into what digital marketing means. How do we prepare for it, and how should we plan for it. This is shaped by how digital has developed since its inception, and how the user interacts with it today.

  • WEEK 2


    The first step is to get our shopfront right. There is little point in drawing attention to our shop if our wares are poorly presented. We will cover things like website build, platforms and best plugins, putting the customer first, and how to launch.

  • WEEK 3


    The most important part. We need to plan what to say so we don't choke, or worse just say dribble. Getting content planned out is a must. Porblem is we have content everywhere and nothing to say. Let's get that content plan together, and figure out what's the best way forward.

  • WEEK 4


    There is a lot of mysticism around SEO. Once you understand it, it all starts making sense. It then becomes something you control instead of something you fear. We will discuss what SEO is, how do you get to rank, what you can do yourself, and where you might need help.

  • WEEK 5

    Paid Advertising

    There are a number of other ways to get to the right people at the right time. Like with all software we need to understand how to get the best out of it. We get stuck into Google Adwords, how to set it all up, manage it and see it through to a sale. We will also be looking at other available channels of paid advertising.

  • WEEK 6

    Social Media

    Ah! The part we have all been waiting for. Social media. It is all the rage, but how do you make sure it is a business tool and not just a fad. Lets look at the latest trends, how and when to post, and how to kicki arse with paid advertising.

  • WEEK 7

    Email Marketing

    The oldest digital marketing tool in the box. Few use it. Most who do, do it badly. Let's get this right. We take a look at how to build the best emails, and bring it together into a thought out email customer journey.

  • WEEK 8


    The unique, most magical thing here is we can measure and decide. If we don't do this then let's pack up and go home. We look at getting the tools setup, how to use them, and decide what to do next.

  • WEEK 9

    Digital Strategies

    Now we are empowered. We know so much stuff. Let's bring the jigsaw pieces together into something that makes sense. Let's look at the challenge, get the best toolbox together, and get stuck in with blood, sweat and tears.

Francis Mac Aonghus

I have been working in digital since its inception. It is a very exciting industry to be in, and when used correctly it can have a great impact on your business.

I have been working in the UK and Ireland in a digital marketing environment, bringing together digital strategies in all sorts of businesses including online retail, business-to-business, online communities, and many more. I now run my own digital marketing agency – Digital Quarks, and help a number of clients with all sorts of challenges they come across in an online environment.

This has taught me a great deal, and I am excited to be able to share this through my teaching experience in the Digital Marketing Institute and City Colleges, as well as a number of large corporate clients.

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